Crime Museum

The South Florida Crime Museum contains blood encrusted knives, bullet fragments, real crime scene photos, and other pieces of once crucial evidence from some of the most exciting events in South Florida and U.S. history.

The history behind these true crime exhibits are explained via videos and photographs on our museum wall monitors or bus tours. The museum starts with the first known act of bioterrorism – the murder of Native American tribes by Spanish Conquistadors who presented them with yellow fever infected blankets as “gifts.” Take a walk through the era of the Cuban bombers, the Cocaine Cowboys right up to the Ponzi schemers like Bernie Madoff and Scott Rothstein of today.

We cover both the profound and the mundane — extradition warrants signed by President Herbert Hoover, execution warrants signed by the Governors of Florida, liquor warrants, lie detectors, alcohol measuring devices, both real and phony, along with new and old fingerprinting techniques – all of varying effectiveness.

When the saw grass blooms in South Florida so does racism, gambling, prostitution, and public corruption. In turn, so do the photographs, videos, and exhibits that fill our museum’s walls.
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